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Re: Dot.Smash Eclipse - RP Topic

Post by QuarterCirclePunch » Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:43 pm


Kai-Lan certainly looked...familiar. Soluna couldn't really put her finger on it, but the warrior definitely gave off some familiar vibes. Ruby Researcher had also appeared, introducing herself. The small shack was starting to get crowded the more people were shoved in. Soluna might've been feeling nervous, but she was definitely showing off a cool front...even after Ruby showed up. She was one of the two big names in the guild, as she previously hailed from the Wishblades...and while Soluna didn't know it, the other big name was currently knocking on Banjo's door right now

Soluna opened the door to see Invictus. Yet another high profile player who used to run with the House of Villains. His character didn't look too far off from the original Ganondorf. Soluna politely bowed, "Hey! Welcome! Thanks, uh, for coming!"

The house looked a lot bigger when she was in here alone, but with her six guild members AND Tempus, the place was a bit cramped. After a few more minutes of mingling, Soluna began the very first Guild Meeting of the Eclipse Dragons...

Eclipse Dragons (Swift as Wind)

"I'm uh, pretty new to this whole 'leadership position' thing, so before I start, I'd like to say...thank you all for joining with me." Soluna bowed toward her entire group. It was a little embarrassing, but Soluna felt it was appropriate to address the people she'd be adventuring with for the next little while. As she returned upward, she opened her menu and got out her Powerpoint Presentation (what, you think Banjo and Kazooie were the only things Microsoft lent to Smash World? C'mon.)

"I'll be brief, we don't have a lot of time here." Soluna's expression changed, as she used her Falchion as a pointer to guide the presentation along. "It's been one week since the reset and the guilds crumbled..I'm certain it won't stay that way for long. Eventually, a new dominant guild will bust forward just like the Wishblades did upon Smash World's release. As we speak, Light Guilds and Dark Guilds are trying to work their way back into prominence, with the only successful mixed guild focusing their efforts on new players."

Soluna showed off some pretty impressive Smart Art and Graphs showing the statistics of some of the major guilds, and essentially where the playerbase is right now. With up and coming Dark Guild logos appearing on the left side of the slide, and Light Guild logos appearing on the right. Only two mixed guilds appeared in the middle.

"Well, The Flame Lancers have surged in popularity recently, they actually aren't the strongest Mixed Guild in Smash World right now." Soluna took her Falchion off the Red Lance logo, and pointed it at the guild logo slightly above it. A Palm Tree Island with a Lightning Bolt striking it... "The strongest mixed guild has been off the radar, but has been creeping their way up the guild ladder, currently the 10th Strongest Guild in the power rankings right now."

"The Tropical Thunders are a legacy guild, it's been around since the reset. Hell, its a three year old guild. The best part? The guild only has two active members." The next slide in Soluna's powerpoint showing off the member list, including both the guild leader and its strongest member. A lot of the other accounts seem abandoned, with levels at lvl 1 that are shown thanks to the reset. The top two, however...

The Guild Leader, Yazma, is a Diddy Kong classed character. He's...not actually all that impressive, I think a lot of us are already passed him in level." Soluna circled around the guild leader's name with her sword, before directing it toward the second name. "No, the real menace in this guild is Gregg Tropikong, he' some pretty impressive stats, to say the least."

"I've fought Gregg Tropikong in a duel, he's got a mean right hook. He's got speed to spare, and he's played an awful lot of this game. However...he's essentially alone if we challenge their guild to a battle. Between the seven of us, the battle might be HARD FOUGHT...but it's DOABLE."

"If we, as a guild, pool our different strengths and weaknesses...and manage to WIN a Guild Battle against the tenth strongest guild, it'd rocket our guild ranking. The Eclipse Dragons would be a major mixed guild! We'd have influence, we'd inspire people to give up this light and dark power struggle and work together. It'd take far less time to just fight these two players than to do all the other guild stuff. We've got good weapons, we don't need to grind raid bosses or events a bajillion times to get more."

Soluna finished her presentation. "I've got a way to get in contact with the Tropical Thunders. My friend, Tempus, knows a guy who knows a guy." Soluna pointed to Tempus, who was awkwardly mid bite into a delicious slice of fruit cake. "I can get this fight prepared as soon as possible, but I hope I have your support if I do. Because...I can't do this alone."

I have to trust people again.
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Re: Dot.Smash Eclipse - RP Topic

Post by Neopolis » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:04 pm

Soluna began talking about their goal, but honestly, Elend wasn't paying attention. She'd gone uncharacteristically quiet. Her Mogall had alerted her to someone approaching, and he'd knocked politely and entered the room. Elend was no longer registering anything else that happened after that.

"I-is that... Could that be... That's..."

Her heartbeat climbed to unhealthy levels. She wasn't sure how effective the VR capturing software for the game was, but the face she was making in real life was undoubtedly very silly. But how could it be otherwise? That was him! That was Invictus, The King of Evil from the House of Villains, the coolest guild around... How did he end up in a dump like this? She knew, of course, that Invictus had quit the game, but she hadn't heard anything about him returning so soon! She hadn't exactly been keeping tabs on his online status... Cause he never accepted her friend request... Any of them, really...

Oh, crap, he was standing RIGHT NEXT TO HER! Ahh!! Crap, she probably didn't look cool at all right now! She was making a terrible first impression! He was looking at Soluna, and not at her, so it was fine for now, but she had to save face while she could.

She crossed her arms in a very cool and aloof way. Yeah, that'd do it. "Hm," she uttered sagely. She tried to focus on what Soluna said as well. She also wouldn't make a good impression if she didn't understand what the guild's plan was! She managed to piece together that they were to fight a man called Greg Tropikong, which would apparently boost their status for... reasons. She didn't catch that part, but it was fine. Soluna probably knew what she was talking about, she seemed like the kind of person who'd figure stuff like that out. Regardless, Elend was excited at the opportunity to show off in combat.

"Fuhahaha!", she struck a pose and cackled. "What a cruel mistress is fate for Greg Tropikong! To think he finds himself opposed to not just the Dark Lord Elend, but the full might of the Eclipse Dragons... One can do naught but pity his lot in life!" Wait, was that too much? That wasn't something she normally asked herself, but she didn't want to make Invictus think that she was trying to one-up him or anything. In a much more meek voice, she added: "...because the King of Evil Invictus is there with us, so that's a big help, of course..."
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Re: Dot.Smash Eclipse - RP Topic

Post by TheMightyScroup » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:58 pm

'Whoa. It's THAT guy!'

Or girl? Qwote could have swore the feared Ganondorf-class of guild-breaking status identified as a girl in their scant crossed paths. Whatever! Not his place to judge, really, and this no-name Guild could use some firepower.

'Taking 'new server, new me' one step above, huh buddy?'

Invictus overshadowed the other group members a bit. It relieved Qwote to see the gang enjoying the fruitcake he'd mashed together from local reagents. Soluna seemed to have a knack for drawing a crowd--easy enough to run a few background searches on usernames from the archives engine to see which of the new guildmates bore reputation. RubyResearcher returned hits on the old Wishblades dossier. Elend? A hot goth nobody. Kai-Lan had a history of solo play, though Qwote now recognized him from a ten-second video that achieved small-time meme status before the reset.

Qwote held himself in check as their fearless leader proposed a battle plan. He ran another background search on this Gregg Tropikong and didn't find anything beyond the deets Soluna provided. How what essentially qualified as a guild of one offered a gateway to the rop-ranked mixed guilds totally flew over Qwote's head. So long as this dorky kong player didn't insanely powerlevel in the last few days, they'd overwhelm him on numbers alone.

Beat trying to edge out the Flame Lancers at least. Qwote had history with one or two of the players. Not like their old guild survived the server nuke, though bad blood had a way of finding him if he gave it the chance. They had no reason to offer him a conciliatory energy tank, all things considered.

"Sounds good to me! Let's slap this monkey," Qwote signed. He held the monkey pose, arms folded in, and did a little jig for emphasis.

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Re: Dot.Smash Eclipse - RP Topic

Post by Blaze Dragon » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:06 pm

A new member had entered the guild house. Invictus...he seemed to be a big deal, since Kai-Lan recognized the username. To bring an important name like that in, maybe this guild was worth Kai-Lan's time after all, if only to get him close to such strong challengers.

More importantly though, Soluna had explained what said guild's goal was. It was definitely a goal Kai-Lan could agree with, too. He already knew of the Flame Lancers, a name he was more than ready to pit himself against, but then Soluna said that someone stronger existed. Not only that, but "someone" in the most literal way, just one player with such power to pull ahead of whole guilds. However, one thing just did not work for Kai-Lan at all. Just one little thing, a thing that seemingly neither the goth nor the mute had any problems with.

"Man, that's just boring though."

Soluna probably wasn't expecting that answer. Kai-Lan wasn't hiding anything with either his words, his tone of voice (a mix between "meh" and "why") or his pose, with his hands behind his head.

"You got whooped by this guy, right? And you want revenge by piling up on him? L-A-M-E. Lame!" Kai-Lan exclaimed, slowly moving his arms down, as his face changed to a determined, but challenging, glare and smile. "So instead, I'll do it myself. One-on-one, as it should be." he added, now pointing at himself, his arrogance in clear sight. "You can take the glory or whatever, I just want my fun. Man, just thinking about it, I'm getting excited!"

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Re: Dot.Smash Eclipse - RP Topic

Post by Evergreen » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:15 am

It only took a few seconds before the door was answered. A Marth player stood before him, who looked quite strange without the traditional cape. She appeared to have donned a scarf in in it's place, since that would have occupied the same neck slot as the cape would have. This was most definitely Soluna, his new guild's leader.

“Hey! Welcome! Thanks for coming,” she bowed as she spoke.

Invictus nodded, put off slightly by the formality, “Apologies for my late arrival.”

Internally he breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the hut. It looked like things hadn't quite gotten started yet, minus the Fruit Cake that appeared to have been served. This meant that he was not nearly as late as he'd feared he was. He slid into a vacant space in the admittedly cramped hut next to a very oddly dressed Pokemon Trainer. It seemed to have been left there intentionally, despite being a bit removed from the door.

After a quick introduction, Soluna began her presentation. An actual, bonafide, Powerpoint Presentation. Hadn't he had enough of these in class? At least he knew how to parse through them for relevant information, and Soluna didn't seem to be half-bad at public speaking either. Though her info-graphics felt a bit cramped; a little to much information in one space. He barely managed to discern which guilds specifically were in what rank.

He did manage to catch sight of The House of Villains on the lists, they were sat nice and pretty near the top of the Dark Guilds, as he would have expected. They were also lodged at a solid seventh in the Overall Guild Rankings. It looked like his aunt's departure hadn't affected them too adversely at all. They had already taken advantage of the reset it seemed, and climbed as quickly as they possibly could. His mind probably would have wandered a bit farther if it the Pokemon Trainer hadn't kept glancing over at him.

She tried to be subtle about it, but Invictus had gotten good at figuring out when he was being stared at; both over the course of this past week and in school in general. His stomach sunk the more she seemed to stare. He was worried by what this mean. He had a suspicion, and it only seemed more likely as she stared more and more. It was more or less confirmed when Soluna finished her little speech.

“Fuhahaha!” she cackled as she struck an over the top pose, “What a cruel mistress is fate for Greg Tropikong! To think he finds himself opposed to not just the Dark Lord Elend, but the full might of the Eclipse Dragons... One can do naught but pity his lot in life!” She paused for a moment and seemed draw back a little bit, “...because the King of Evil Invictus is there with us, so that's a big help, of course..."

Oh God! She was a fan. Of all the luck he could have had. This was literally the worst case scenario that he could have imagined. This was a 100% DEFCON 1 Situation. He really hoped the VR wasn't good enough to catch all the internal screams that washed across his face in this moment. Maybe this whole guild thing had been a mistake. He could still call it off. He just needed to leave the guild and then ghost them for the rest of eternity. It shouldn't be that hard, he hadn't traded any information yet. Sure, he was a well known account, but they'd have no way to contact him; not like his Aunt's old guild.

NO! This was what he'd wanted for forever. He was finally here in Smash World, and he was with a guild. He could deal with this. It was just one, single, solitary, obviously rambunctious, fan. He could live with it. She'd calmed down a bit after her initial outburst anyway, seemingly having embarrassed herself. He just needed to handle this situation carefully.

'OK,' Invictus though, 'How would a “cool” person handle this.'

It didn't take more than a second for him to realize the only correct answer. He glanced over at the strange girl, and just nodded.

He turned his attention back toward Soluna as he began to form words for his opinions on her suggestion to go after this 'Gregg Tropikong.' Before he could say anything the Ryu player, the one who was obviously dressed a reference to something that Invictus couldn't place off the top of his head spoke up. He seemed to be opposed to her idea.

"You got whooped by this guy, right? And you want revenge by piling up on him? L-A-M-E. Lame!" he exclaimed, slowly moving his arms down, the look on his face was a one of obvious challenge directed at the Guildmaster, "So instead, I'll do it myself. One-on-one, as it should be." He took a moment to point at himself, this guy was obviously very sure of his abilities, "You can take the glory or whatever, I just want my fun. Man, just thinking about it, I'm getting excited!"

Invictus had to concede that the Ryu had a bit of a point. It would be pretty shitty to just gang up on a lone player. But, on the other hand, this guy had apparently managed to rocket his guild to tenth in the Overall Rankings; completely on his own no less. Who knew what he had access too after the reset. Especially if all his now inactive guildmates had up and left all their equipment behind, and easily accessible, like his Aunt had when she'd bailed on the House of Villains. He might have a smorgasbord of Legendary items at his disposal. That was also something that Invictus realized, in this moment, he needed to cover for. They probably expected him to have access to tons of good equipment. He only had the special equipment which allowed for his Personal Final Smash, and the somewhat rare Sharla charm he'd managed to get on a random drop.

“I have to agree with Soluna,” Invictus said, trying to sound at least a little sagely, “Tropikong has obviously been working hard if he's gotten his Guild to tenth overall, on his own mind you, just a week after the reset. He's either power-leveled to a ridiculous degree, or he has access to a ridiculous amount of Legendary gear, or possibly even both. We could be looking at someone who's on par with some of the lower level raid bosses at least, and I didn't exactly leave my guild with all of my stuff.”

That sounded good, definitely, and he covered for his short comings on equipment to boot.
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