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Pokemon Avant

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I know we have a poor record of Pokemon RPs getting off the ground and I have to say that I'm at a point where I'm more disappointed than ever by Pokemon games currently...However, I still really like Pokemon, no matter how much I want to dislike it! I just sort of came up with an idea for a Pokemon RP last night that might better fit RP format. Given we have 2 active RPs right now, I don't necessarily expect to launch this right now but I guess just present it as an option if anyone is interested. Anyways here's a skeleton of what I have.

Pokemon Avant
The Avant region is a land with a storied past. It is a rich land with many different biomes, from lush beautiful rainforests to dry, arid deserts. Pokemon from all regions reside in this region, however most Pokemon. In the past, the region has been very isolative and inaccessible to people from different regions. However, with news of the Alola League’s formation, certain Pokemon Trainers from Avant decided to create their own Pokemon League.

However, there are a few unique things about Pokemon battling in Avant. Unlike most regions, Pokemon battling is done in teams. There are no official single battles in Avant. At minimum, battles are doubles. Trainers are actually required to team up with other trainers in order to take on the Gym Challenge. Gym battles can be double or triples. Gym Leaders are equipped to handle both styles of battle in this region. On the topic of Gym Leaders, Gym Leaders in this region are not locked to a particular type of Pokemon. Instead, Gyms are centered around environments and weather. (There are 8 Gyms and 4 weathers and 4 terrains soooooo …). Since most battles are done in doubles or triples, trainers in the Avant region often carry around 2-3 Pokemon on hand with 4 the limit. However, Pokemon stored in the PC are accessible anytime outside of battle. Perhaps the most unique thing about battling in Avant is…

Sync Aura:For some inexplicable reason, the bond or energy between trainer and Pokemon in Avant can manifest itself physically in the way of Sync Aura. Sync Aura is unique to every trainer and can be manifested in battle when Pokemon and trainer are in sync with each other. The way Sync Aura appears and what effects it has are trainer dependent.
  • Sync Leak: This is when both trainer and Pokemon manifest the trainers sync aura. This aura appearance is trainer dependent and grants a passive bonus to the Pokemon while it remains active. Sync Leak can fade in and out of battle or it can be expunged through…
    Sync Moves: Using their Sync device, rather than allowing their Partner Pokemon to enjoy the benefits of Sync Leak, trainers can send a pulse of their Sync Aura to their Pokemon. While the trainer cannot manifest Sync Aura for the rest of the battle, Pokemon are able to use this pulse of Sync Aura to use a unique move with effects and power dependent on the trainer.
    Mega Evolution: Using the same mechanic as Sync Moves, rather than power up a move, select Pokemon can use that power to transform into their Mega Evolution. Like Sync Moves, it is also a one time mechanic per battle.
Combo Moves: Due to the frequency of double/triple battles, Pokemon in the Avant region have the ability to combo moves with each other that may or may not grant new effects. To perform them, the Pokemon who execute them must be comfortable working together.

Berserk Pokemon Since the inception of the league, natives have noticed a phenomenon where some Pokemon sporadically go berserk. Berserk Pokémon are vicious, bloodthirsty, and very powerful. Somehow, the Pokemon have manifested an aura that boost all their stats and make them near impossible to take down alone. In addition to not having move limits and having stronger stats, Berserk Pokemon can act multiple times in a row and summon other Pokemon to aid them. They are very dangerous. Avant League recommends running away from these Pokemon. If they are somehow defeated, they will return to normal state. No one is exactly sure what is causing this to happen… It’s pretty infrequent currently but there are more incidents arising for some reason.
Move Limit Speaking of Move Limit, During Battle, Pokemon can only use four moves each.

Starting Point:
Jadeton – Most towns and cities in Avant are named after some sort of gemstone. Jadeton is no exception. The town, while small, has some very clear Eastern influences in building structure. This is where all foreign trainers are dropped initially where they are registered to the Avant Pokemon League and given information about Avant.

Sign Up

Code: Select all

Name:  Pretty obvious
Age: Minimum age to participate in Avant League is 16. 
Gender: Whatever the trainer identifies as, if anything at all
Origin: Where your character is from
Appearance: What does your character look like
Personality: What does your character act like
Bio: A short summary of your character life up until this point
Sync Aura Name: Avant League ask that each trainer name their aura when they register
Sync Aura Appearance: How does your character’s aura manifest
Sync Leak: What does your aura do when it manifests with your Pokemon? 
Sync Moves: List of Sync Moves and effects. One per each Pokemon. 

Pokemon Species: Obvious
Nickname: Does your character call their Pokemon something else besides their species?
Ability: Can have standard or hidden
Nature: What does your Pokemon act like
Bio: Short summary of Pokemon’s life since capture
Battle Moveset: Can be anything the Pokemon has the possibility of learning. Four move limit though.  
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