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Role Slayers Guidebook (use "TMS" for discount code at checkout)

Post by TheMightyScroup »

Hello! it is here I'll compile all of the blurbs, characters, locales, etc we've gathered over the course of the Role Slayers RP. Might go back and re-organize, but I'll try to divide it up logically. My intention is to make this our constructed world. Therefore, I compiled all I could find (from memory and footnotes), copying and paraphrasing when necessary.

Please do not hesitate to correct me, submit a term, or offer a rewrite/additional information! It is very possible I misunderstood some of the worldbuilding elements others set up.

I. The World
II. The Roles
III. The Secret Society of Symmetry
IV: Supplementary Learning
A. Draconians 101, by Neopolis

I. The World:
A. Map
B. Location Index
C. Terminology Glossary
D. Humans/Monsters/Bestiary Dossier

The magical disc-shaped world of Alphan is divided up into two hemicircles. On the east is the human hemicircle, rule coordinated between the Five Capital Cities; west is the monster hemicircle. While the monster hemicircle does not typically claim a government, the Monster Queen has consolidated power and rules from her city, Queen's Shadow.

The line dividing Alphan is known as Meridia. Spanning the entire meridian of the planet, it is several leagues of magic wildlands in each direction. Though many armies of human and monster alike have attempted to lay claim, it remains neutral land in the millenia-long conflict between the two hemicircles. Order-preserving agents under the Secret Society of Symmetry operate four bases and innumerable camps within the Meridia. The land itself boasts many curious magical properties and extreme features such as gargantuan trees, bottomless chasms, ice volcanoes, and boiling swamps.
A. Map of Alphan:
[map here, when it's made!!]
B. Location Index:

Abyss, The: Bottomless chasms littering the mountain rages of The Meridia. Those who fall in are never recovered.

Alphan: The planet Role Slayers takes place on. Disc-shaped, divided into two halves. Covered by land, sea, lakes, and civilization. A gargantuan wall of ice and stone surrounds the perimeter. Has a sun and moon in size and orbit not too dissimilar from our own.

Arbor Mesa Zone: Meridia region. Stumps of gargantuan trees act as plateaus in this arid region. Small forests grow from habitable nooks of the stumps. Roads and structures have been carved into the wooden earth. Extremely prone to wildfires.

Arithic: One of the five Human Capitals. Arithic is a gothic mountain city beset by wars and monster engagement.

Aurumael: One of the five Human Capitals. Aurumael is an extremely fortified city located in an arid desert region. It boasts tall stone walls, squads of highly-trained Paladins, and mastery of irrigation techniques.

Bandelbride: One of the five Human Capitals. Bandelbride is the most populous human city and houses a premiere magic academy.

Hemicircle (Human): The “eastern” half of Alphan, controlled by the humans. Contains all real-world human races as well as additional blue-haired anime weirdos. All real-world and even a few extinct animal species are found here. No central government; ruled cooperatively by representatives from each of the Five Capitals.

Hemicircle (Monster): The “western” half of Alphan, controlled by the monsters. Any sapient non-human race is known as a monster. Fantastical and original content creatures reside in this half of the world. Historically has no central government; however, Monster Queen has slowly united the disparate races over the last few decades.

IGERS-7: SSS-operated ichor gel processing facility. Formerly known as Marrowfort.

Marrowfort: Formerly a goblin city located near the Meridia. Somewhat insular, but must trade with a nearby human city for fabric. Artisans boast exceptional metalworking capabilities and the Marrowfort mine is rich with ore and ichor gel. Now known as IGERS-7.

Meridia, The: Middleground between the two hemicircles. Extends the entire width of Alphan. It is many miles from the eastern demarcation to the western demarcation, though varies as one travels N-S. Exhibits curious magical properties that bleed into geographic and meteorological features. Not formally controlled by any faction, but maintained by the Secret Society of Symmetry.

Neoyomi: Monster metropolis boasting a storied and violent history as well as citizens from all monster races.

Polara: Human city located relatively close to the Meridia. Huge swaths of fertile farmland allow for food production and cattle-rearing. The city makes most of its wealth from textiles and luxury fabrics, but must trade for metalwork with the goblin city of Marrowfort.

Queen's Shadow: A Monster city located around one of the largest mountains in the world. The Monster Queen's palace resides in the portion of the mountain's shadow forever untouched by light.

Tetraldabaoth Citadel: One of the four SSS headquarters. See section III.

Zimagrad: One of the five Human Capitals. Zimagrad is located in one of the coldest regions of Alphan, near the northern ice wall. A nearby secret population of Laikans co-habitate with the human population.

C. Terminology Glossary:

Common: Human language. We all write in English, but in-RP Common is a hodgepodge of almost every real-world language.

Day: 24-hour period in which the sun rises and falls. Don't ask me how that works for a disc world! Alphan has seven days of the week: x, x, x, Mid'Ven, x, x, x. [taking submissions for the these]

Detranhn: Snake-like Lamia deity.

Draconian (language): Language spoken traditionally by the Draconian race.

Goblish: Language spoken traditionally by the goblin race. Lots of r's, k's, g's, and z's.

Ichor gel: A clear and volatile substance harvested from subterranean veins. Has a huge variety of applications, but is traditionally used for fuel and as an explosive agent. Theorized to be concentrated dead organic matter.

Kudoc: Lamia deity/symbol equivalent of Ouroboros.

Lilith: Deity-like progenitor of incubi/succubi.

Magic: Catch-all name for the invisible forces weaving the fabric of reality. Utilized by creatures and focused through Roles to achieve all manner of feats. Magically-rich areas have a tendency to exhibit strange features and phenomena.

Month: Thirty-day period. Alphan has a thirteen-month/year calendar. [taking submissions for literally any of these since I don't care]

Role: Term for the magical archetype individuals follow as deities and assume as classes. See Section II for more details and a list of known Roles.

Secret Society of Symmetry (SSS): Secret organization dedicated to preservation of the world order and balance between the warring sides. See Section III.

Sky-mythril: Common name for the shiny black metal procured from fallen meteorites.

Star-birch: A type of tree that grows in the Monster hemicircle. It sports papery bark concealing dark, gem-like wood.

Uncommon: Monster language spoken by nearly all races in the monster hemicircle. It is relatively modern and originates from the Monster Queen's attempts to unify the many monster races.

Wand: Thin rods created by Artificers to hold magical charges of varying effects. Typical naming convention is: 'Wand of X.'

Waypoint: SSS outpost. See Section III.

D. Humans/Monsters/Bestiary Dossier

Aarakocra: Humanoid bird-like Monster race. Exhibit a huge variety of body types resembling real-world species of birds. Some have wings while others do not. Lifespan averages 70 years.

Arachnarian: Spider-like, majority-female monster race whose entire population has sworn fealty to the Monster Queen. Possess eight limbs, eight eyes, a carapace (purple and black the most common colors), and can spin webs from their fingertips as well as deliver a venomous bite. Lifespan unknown, shorter when Ambrose is involved.

Catshire: Humanoid cat-like Monster race typically possessing inherent magical abilities.

Centaur: Human top half, horse bottom half, we know the deal. Exhibit characteristics from both real-world and fantasy horses (e.g., unicorn horns).

Draconian (race): A reptillian humanoid species of monster, up to 7 feet in size with tails, claws and horns. They are born scaleless, and throughout adolescence, their scales are a dull brown. When approaching adulthood, their scales take on a specific colour. Draconians have wings, but for most colours, these are too small for flight. Average lifespan is 150 years.
- Red: Fire breath, aptitude for destructive magical roles.
- Green: Poison breath, tendency towards stealth.
- White: Ice beam breath, traction claws, defensive and/or Cryomancer roles
- Yellow: Acid breath, powerful jaws, nature-oriented
- Gray: Breathless, durable and prefer combat roles/earth magic
- Black: Lightning breath, capable of flight, hit hard and fast
- Purple: Antimagic breath, magical resistance and negation
- Pale: Steam breath, enhanced vision, stealth masters

Elk-bird: Large ostrich-like beasts of burden sporting brightly-colored plumage and impressive antlers. Their gizzard stones are harvested for unique magical properties.

Goblin: Short-framed monster race possessing dexterous fingers, long pointed ears, sharp teeth, and green to brown skin. Culture is based on quality of craft and fairness of trade; attempts to deceive or defraud a goblin are an affront to their entire race. Likewise, they do not often lie. Lifespan is around 50 years.

Golem: Artificial constructs operating according to a master protocol. Display varying levels of intelligence and can be crafted from a multitude of mediums.

Incubus/Succubus: A race of demons that feed on human souls. They deceive humans by altering their appearances, charming them, and then luring humans to lie with them. At climax, Incubi/Succubi rip the soul out of their unknowing victim and feast upon it. Human souls are vital in developing and strengthening their own magical abilities. Also possess the ability to fly using their wings.

Human: Sapient species descended from primates and the dominant race of the human hemicircle. Generally live fewer than one century. Adaptable, driven, and kind of generic.

Lamia: A monster race of shapeshifting, non-gendered water snakes. Default form is a human-like head, torso, and arms combined with a snake lower half. Acquire sustenance through sexual intercourse.

Lycanthrope (“Laikan”): Anthropomorphic beasts that look similar to wolves, but have slightly more monstrous features. They are hunched over and walk predominantly on two legs, but can also walk on all fours thanks to their relatively long arms and digitigrade leg structure. A thick tail helps them hold their balance when walking on their hind legs. Their fur is long, rugged and scraggy, although Laikans like to style the long mane-like fur around their necks similar to how humans style their hair. The colours of their coats range from pitch black to pale, greyish colours and Laikans tend to have lighter fur colours than the average Lycanthrope. They have lithe but muscular limbs which look a bit elongated, especially their arms and hands, which have 4 fingers and 1 thumb and end in long, sharp claws. Their canine teeth are longer and thicker than those of wolves and prominently poke out of the sides of their snouts. Can freely shapeshift to human form.

Miasma, The: Artificial slime construct created by the Chirurgeon. Weak to light, heat, and elemental magic but can overcome this by inhabiting living or dead bodies. Comprised of fibrous tendrils that move and act like liquid. Senses through photo and thermal receptors. Can release a black vapor that congeals into miasma spawn. It is unknown if these spawn retain all of the core miasma's abilities.

Monster: Refers to any sapient non-human race. Primarily live in the monster hemicircle though certain races have managed to live covertly in human settlements.

Monster Queen: The self-styled ruler of the Monster hemicircle. She has successfully united most of the monster species under her banner, a feat which has never been accomplished in the history of the divided world. Not much is known about her, not even her own racial identity, but she is said to rule from Queen's Shadow.

Morzoth: Ocean-dwelling eldritch abomination appearing as a culmination of barnacles, electrified tentacles, insect-like appendages with sharp stabbing singular claws, a toothed beak and piercing eyes. Can innately utilize hypnosis, electrical abilities, manifest tentacles from surfaces, resist conventional weapons, and telekinetic abilities.

Pixie: Short monster race sporting iridescent skin. Exceptionally fluent in magic and surprisingly capable as melee fighters.

Slime: Jelly-like creatures of low intelligence.
- Black: Light and heat-sensitive slime known for inhabiting the dead bodies of other organisms and piloting them as zombies.

Stirge: Bat-like creatures that live underground. Their echolocation functions using the screams they emit. Certain subspecies can imitate language but do not possess enough intelligence to understand it.

Vampire: Undead monsters boasting a wide variety of dangerous abilities and useful immunities. Apparently ageless and immortal.

Zombie: Animated dead of any sapient race resurrected through magical means. If their thrall is broken, a zombie typically reverts back to their previous personality and intelligence-level. A zombie's body does not rot once re-animated, but will have no means to heal wounds or replace lost parts. Therefore, separating its head terminates a zombie. Though, there are said to be exceptions.

II. The Roles:

Magic is channeled into predetermined styles and schools of practice. From battle-hardened Warriors to scholarly-minded Mages, a Role, once adopted, shapes and guides individuals throughout their lives. Some worship Roles as deities while others treat it as a philosophy. Even those who do not adopt a formal role still use them as means of study and models of lifestyle.

One important caveat of this Role system is that to change one's Role is almost unheard-of. To do so would be like changing one's religion--it would require complete dissolution of the previous role's tenants and philosophy only to build up the second from ground zero. Relatedly, it is said one cannot ascribe to more than one role. Nor can the ability of one Role copy or modify the Role of another--all are distinct, and lines do not blur except in very rare circumstances.

The (in-RP known) roles are:

Artificer: Skilled artisans able to imbue their creations with magical abilities. The most common Artificer creations are wands, but a variety of items exist. Once an item expends its magical charges, it becomes useless.

Enchanter: A Role specializing in adding effects to preexisting items. Durability, fire-proofing, saltiness, truly there exists no limit. Enchantments come in both short-term and long-term, each having pros and cons. Permanent enchantments are incredibly rare.

Fortifier: Specialize in creating and fortifying strongholds. Weapon-making and general architectural knowledge also fall under this umbrella Role.

Mage: Magically-oriented roles able to channel magic to directly affect the physical world. A very broad role with many sub-roles and specialties.
- Archmage: High-level Mage with no specialty. Or perhaps they specialize in everything equally. Often but not always the result of the academic pursuit of magic as opposed to inherent ability. Sometimes called Wizard.
- Cryomancer: Sub-role specializing in temperature control and ice elemental magic. [distinct enough to classify as its own Role depdning on what Ray wants]
- Shadowmancer: Sub-role specializing in stealth, darkness, hexes, and blood magic.
- Terramancer: Sub-role specializing in the manipulation of stone and earth.

Monk: Role based around melee combat and the augmentation of physical capabilities. Light on their feet, attunement to the environment, and buffing themselves with magical focus are all abilities granted to a Monk by their Role.

Paladin: Combination physical and magical Role based around devotion, bloodline, and homeland. The Role primarily constructs barriers and casts healing spells, both which take the appearance and emit sensory experiences linked to the Paladin's vision of their homeland.

Rogue: Specialize in stealth, espionage, and thievery. Rogues can be well versed in physical or magical abilities, often mixing the two schools together. Commonly the Role relies on inherent racial traits.

Rose Knight: As of now, an exclusively x-cubi-associated Role. Rose Knights ascribe to a religious sect of Lilith and are granted the ability to summon and manipulate “black roses.” These flowers sprout from the earth or blood and can be manipulated as whips, blockades, and the flower itself can produce a variety of magical effects.

Scribe: A Role specializing in language, both written and spoken. Use magic to inherently understand and replicate other tongues. Can also magically translate text between languages and cast language-muddling charms.

Seer: Precognitive Role able to foretell events through a particular medium. The most common mediums are crystal balls, tarot cards, and tea leaves. However, many different races and cultures have mastered unique mediums such as water currents, star patterns, and flames.

Shaper: A somewhat rare Role able to manifest constructs based on living things they've seen. The summons typically have some sort of drawback compared to the original, but a skilled Shaper can convincingly puppeteer them. Advanced Shapers can modify their summons with traits of other targets.

Warlock: The Role of oathbreakers and deceivers, very few adherents to this role wear it with pride. Most Warlocks draw supernatural powers from some external Patron, either those whose oaths they sundered, or whatever creatures are willing to deal with someone who has nowhere else to turn.

Warrior: Physically-oriented fighters specializing in weapons and combat. Infrequently use magic, but when they do, it is to enhance strength, accuracy, etc.
- Shock Trooper: Sub-role specializing in sudden and destructive attacks.
- Shogun: Sub-role specializing in tactical and political control of armies and regions.

Zoomancer: Students of nature and fauna whose dedication permits them a deep spiritual Bond to chosen creatures. Bonding with a creature allows the Zoomancer to manifest its traits as a phantasmic aura. Due to the time it takes to form a Bond, most zoomancers only have a few under their belts.

III. The Secret Society of Symmetry
A. Strongholds
B. Known Members
C. Known Missions

Joint Monster-Human organization dedicated to preservation of the Meridia and maintenance of world order. Protect Alphan from power imbalances and facilitate a degree of cooperation between the hemicircles. Ruled by a senior council of indeterminate size. Central facilities are four headquarters located along the Meridia. Hundreds of additional waypoints are located in and around the Meridia.

A. Strongholds:
Einweh Dreadnought: A large ship operated primarily as a floating prison for those the SSS deems too dangerous to release and not necessary to kill. Mistaken for an island at a distance, but capable of surprising speeds. Said to have been the very first base for the SSS, back when the organization could fit on a single ship. However, it is now ten times as large and all but unrecognizable.

Tetraldabaoth Citadel: Underground base of operations formed from a hollowed-out mountain in the Tetraldabaoth mountains. It is the largest SSS stronghold and thus stocks weapons and supplies. It also boards a huge population of agents, contains holding cells, and serves as a bureaucratic base of operations.

Waypoints: Structures found throughout the Meridia and surrounding territories maintained by the SSS. Can vary anywhere from a simple underground bunker to a vast castle. An agent must use their SSS coin to enter a waypoint.

[Remaining two strongholds to be added when needed.]

B. Known Members:

Player Characters—if you want to provide an actual blurb, by all means let me know.

Alisya Rasstegai: Laikan Cryomancer, senior member, extremely chill

Ambrose Desrosiers: Incubus Rose Knight, new member, terrifying.

Dresden Coatl: Lamia Fortifier, new member, “other” on all survey questions

Kaspella: Draconian Artificer, senior member, hashtag girl boss

King Vaughn: Human Zoomancer, senior member, animal magnetism

Misty Holmes: Human Shaper, new member, copy/paste

Moe R. Threeson: Exceptionally human Monk, senior member, totally normal

Novelle Tomak: Huamn Enchanter, new member, will cry

Rezo Sifer: Human Paladin, senior member, Captain

Val Morris: Human Warlock (though many believe him Mage), new member, zoomer anxiety

Non- and Former-Player Characters:

Akadiana: Formerly known as both Liliana Basiliotta, Human Scribe, and Akadii, an Arachnarian Rogue. The victim of an experiment by the mysterious “Chirurgeon.” Two minds and roles inhabit one human/arachnarian body. Additionally, the arachnarian half had been dead for hours prior to fusion.

Greg:Human, Head Terramancer of Yaldabaoth Citadel, a friendly guy.

Harrell Gargo: Human Archmage, member of the Senior Council, and specializes in perception and environmental manipulation magic.

Horyss: Member of the Senior Council, who heads the SSS. Aarakocra Seer able to read reflections (in water, glass, etc.) to predict the future.

Julie: Human, no known role, Council assistant.

Narn: Human Shock Trooper, senior member, AFK

Sienna Tuscanni: Human Scribe and new recruit after the first mission. Defected from Polara and her Master, Marko Ytalli, in order to stay by her best friend's side.
C. Known Missions:

1. Mission No.: 4021020

In the first mission of the roleplay, the SSS tasked a number of their operatives to act as escort for a large trade between two parties: the human city of Polara and the goblin village of Marrowfort. Priority dictated protection of the payload, guard the Polaran scribes headed by merchant Marko Ytalli, and ensure the trade parley proceeded without issue.

The three-day journey through the arid Arbor Mesa Zone of the Meridia proved uneventful until the group reached a fortress-like waypoint. There, they found themselves beset by re-animated goblin corpses and an Arachnarian spy lurking in the surrounding woods. After neutralizing the goblins and capturing the spy (while putting out any fires along the way), the party rested for the night.

However, during a late watch an intruder entered the waypoint: a SSS officer! Before any communication could be made, the officer keeled over as a mysterious miasma creature emerged from his husk of a body. The massive slime-like monster proved too great a threat to fight off in enclosed quarters. Instead, the party realized it weak to light and forced it out of the waypoint, hoping for the rising sun to finish it off. In one final, desperate ploy, the miasma made off with Liliana the apprentice, the Arachnarian spy...'s corpse, and several pieces of the payload.

The party split into two groups: one half would pursue the slime and rescue Liliana; the other would escort and facilitate the trade with Marrowfort. The chase party cornered the miasma, but it escaped off a cliff and into a runoff drain leading into the Marrowfort Mines. They made peace with goblin guards and eventually gained entry into the mine through large air ducts.

Meanwhile, the Trade Party arrived in Marrowfort and met with the goblin tradesmaster. Suspicious behaviors from the goblins lead to Captain Sifer being K.O.'d from an electric blast. Eventually, the party deduced Marko Ytalli had been purposefully mis-translating throughout the exchange. Sienna, his other apprentice, went with Dresden to meet with an unknown third party: The Monster Queen's infiltration party. Monster Queen envoys conspired with Marko Ytalli to pit Polara and Marrowfort against one another. Sienna and Dresden managed to distract and escape at the same time Ambrose took control of the trade and threatened Ytalli to hold up his end of the bargain.

After performing a last-minute substitute of Ytalli's fine clothing for their missing reams of fabric, the Trade Party made their way to the entrance of the mines. There they reconvened with the Rescue Party, who had extracted Liliana. Unfortunately, the final twist in the story saw Liliana magically fused with Akadii, their Arachnarian ex-prisoner. The culprit? A mysterious stranger bearing the title of “Chirurgeon” whose motives remain unknown.
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Re: Role Slayers Guidebook (use "TMS" for discount code at checkout)

Post by Neopolis »

Draconians 101

Draconians are humanoid monsters with features of dragons. They have a fairly slow rate of reproduction, rarely bearing more than 2 spawn over their lifetime, and as such, are moderately uncommon monsters. They often mingle with other monsters in mixed settlements, although insular draconian communities exist. While all but the most isolated draconians learn Uncommon, they also have their own more rarely used language, simply called Draconian. Their physiology varies heavily with the colour of their scales.

There exists a myth, well known among draconians, that they all descended from an ancient being named Tiamat, who claimed the strength of dragonkind for herself. She was the first draconian, with iridescent scales of all colours, combining the powers of all draconians. Throughout generations, these powers waned, and modern draconians only have one colour. Tiamat's name is sometimes still invoked as an exclamation, but her existence has never been proven.

As hatchlings, draconians are pink and squishy, with no scales. Their scales come in in their first few months, and are a dull brown throughout youth. In their infancy, their wing-to-body ratio is actually at its highest, meaning that draconians aged 1 to 10 can actually fly with some grace. As their bodies grow much faster than their wings, generally by their 10th they can barely lift themselves off the ground, having comparable flying skills to a chicken. Throughout their teenage years, most draconians lose their ability to fly entirely, at best being able to slow down or re-angle a fall, but certainly not able to lift themselves off the ground. Many draconians fold their wings into their outfit when they expect combat (or cold weather), as they do not provide much benefit, yet make for an easy grappling surface. This is only moderately uncomfortable.

A draconian's adult scales usually start coming in around their 20th year, and the colour of these scales will determine a lot about the draconian's life. Draconians of different colours have different aptitudes, breath weapons, and even physical characteristics. Sometimes a draconian's scale colour can be predicted throughout their teenage years by looking at the way its body is developing, but this is hardly an exact science and by no means any way to lock in a prediction. Scale colour is technically hereditary, but extremely likely to mutate, to the point where two green draconian parents have only about a fifty percent chance to produce a green draconian child.

Red draconians are closest to what most people imagine dragons to be like. They have an intrinsic connection to fire, and are very resistant to heat. However, even more than other draconians, they fear the cold, and are liable to get completely paralysed from ice magic or even especially cold weather. In a true traditional dragon sense, they breathe a stream of fire. They have longer and sharper foreclaws than other draconians. Their Roles tend to focus on destructive magic or on use of their sharp claws.

Green draconians have the entirely mundane benefit of blending in well with foliage, which makes them adept at sneaking. Furthermore, their metabolism is uniquely adept at breaking down toxin, granting them an immunity to poisons, venoms and even most diseases. Their breath, however, is a toxic gas that causes coughing, dizziness and unconsciousness. Unlike other draconians, their tail is equipped with a venomous stinger, which can lethally poison a target if it is injected. If they take up a combat Role, they are likely to focus on stealth or poison.

White draconians overcome the innate cold-bloodedness of the draconian race and are better able to maintain their internal temperature. Unlike other draconians, they do not have a weakness to cold, and are able to breathe bolts of frost for use in combat. The claws on their feet are thinner than that of other draconians, allowing them to move on slippery terrain like ice without experiencing much hinder, as well as making them adept climbers. A white draconian can focus on ice magic and become a powerful Cryomancer, but is otherwise more likely to pick up defensive magical Role.

Yellow draconians are known among draconians for their terrible breath. Their breath weapon expels a glob of sulphurous acid, but their regular breath just kind of smells like rotten eggs. They themselves are very resistant to acid, and their powerful stomach allows them to digest basically anything, even being able to gain nutrition out of rocks and the like. Their teeth are longer than the average draconian's, which combined with their acidic saliva makes their bite quite ferocious. They feel attuned to nature and are likely to pick up a Role that reflects this.

Gray draconians are the only draconians to not develop a breath weapon, but they do develop the ability to not breathe at all. While they are capable of breathing, they do not require it to survive, and can stay underwater for an indeterminate amount of time. They have extremely sturdy and heavy bones, and even develop thick bone plates on their limbs. These are nearly impenetrable and can act as improvised shields. Their bulk makes them well-suited for close combat Roles, but they are decent with earth magic as well.

Black draconians are envied by many others for their ability to fly. Indeed, a child with above average wings is likely to turn into a black draconian, as their wings grow large enough to the point where they are capable of overland flight. Their breath weapon is powerful but unpredictable, taking the form of a blast of lightning. It is hard to aim this breath weapon, and using it when there is anything in the room that you don't want zapped is inadvisable. Luckily, their own body is resistant to electricity. Taking advantage of their speed and their powerful breath weapon, they are likely to pick up a Role that lets them focus on charging into combat hard and fast.

Purple draconians are both blessed and cursed. Their scales are slightly iridescent, and seem to have a repelling effect on magic. Any magical effect applied to a purple draconian, whether positive or negative, will be less effective, and when a spell does affect them, it will not last nearly as long. Furthermore, they will find their own magical reserves to be extremely lacking, pursuing a magical Role as a purple draconian is considered inadvisable. Their breath weapon is a beam of dispelling energy, which unravels or suppresses magical effects upon contact. As magical Roles are nearly impossible for purple draconians, many of them take up more mundane Roles like Warrior and specialize on dealing with enemy casters, although maybe they could be Artificers too?

Pale draconians are the rarest of all draconians, and many parents pray their child will not end up pale, as they are seen as bad omens. Their scales become very thin, giving them a gaunt and unnerving look. They produce heat for their breath weapon, but not enough to breathe jets of fire, instead producing clouds of steam. These clouds cause scalding and make for good impromptu cover, but are not as dangerous as most other breath weapons. While they do not enjoy much protection from their scales, and are sensitive to temperatures of both extremes, pale draconians are more nimble than their thick-hided cousins. They are also known for having excellent eyesight, able to see even in total darkness and through magical illusions. Due to their light frame and keen eyesight, they make excellent infiltrators and are likely to choose a Role to reflect this if they decide to go into combat.
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