Reminiscing about RP character weapons/abilities


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Reminiscing about RP character weapons/abilities

Post by CrimsonWyvern »

So, we were talking about weapon types and elements and all that good stuff, so I'm tossing up this thread to put these little blurbs, and you can analyze them if you see fit!
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Re: Reminiscing about RP character weapons/abilities

Post by CrimsonWyvern »

Poke: Lauren, non-combatant, Metang/Lotad
GFort: Alex, fire guitar (guitar used for magic, not as weapon)
DW: Sara, non-combatant, Salamon
PNovus: Victor, non-combatant, Psychic, gene splicing
D.S 2010: Karbon, hand-to-hand???
GF6: Jamie, hand-to-hand, copy magic, charm (also she had other magic that I've forgotten from pre-timeskips?)
Re:G: Gwen, gun, luck-based abilities, Shadow
SK: Clint, ice/explosive guns
v1 AtE: Jamie, hand-to-hand, metal limbs
AWT: Brittany, baseball bat
v"1" PPink: Critto, non-combatant

FEPT: Tara, Fire Bow
S.W: Cobalt, Metal Sonic, I classed her as Hand-to-Hand??? Also blasters for FS
AtE: Jamie, hand-to-hand, metal limbs
DiRP: Jack, DigiSoul, knife, hand-to-hand, gun one time I think, Fire Hand-to-Hand partner
DreamScape: Gwen, gun, luck-based abilities
PVoid: Angela/Sundance, hand-to-hand, synergy attacks with Fire/Bug partner
Underground (abandoned): Replay, music magic
FS (abandoned): Jamie, Dark hand-to-hand
PPink: Critto, non-combatant
NEMESES: Dr. Elementalist, ice/fire/lightning rayguns
D.S M: Karbon, hand-to-hand???
SLUT: Blair, non-combatant, Ghosts
IS: Layla, shadow variety
D.S 2014: Karbon, space wand
PEAR: Ann Gold/Fuse: ice/electric/frag grenade launcher
TWERP: Aliya, fire hand-to-hand
BoT: Tia, sword/fire/lance
HuRP: Jack, fire partner
Kantola: Ann, ghost sword
DWA: Robin, non-combatant, dark partner
TLBTM (abandoned-ish): Aiden, ice baseball bat
Entomon: Miria, ice variety
D.S E: Ruby, variety on element and weapon

Also, for the RPs where non-human species were an option, here are the Species I used
GF6 Jamie: Human
v1 AtE Jamie: Human
AtE Jamie: Tiefling
FS Jamie: Human
IS Layla: Golem
PEAR Ann: Elf
TWERP Aliya: Harpy
Entomon Miria: Nymph (Dragonfly)
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Re: Reminiscing about RP character weapons/abilities

Post by Neopolis »

I don't have nearly enough characters to make this list interesting but I'm doing it anyway. There's basically no pattern here so I'm just gonna stream of consciousness rant.

Hashim "Nuke" Abassi (from Anarchy!) and Colonel "Neopolis" Guy both use a rocket launcher. This is the most explicit reusing of a weapon but I don't think Neo ever used his because it was a high school RP.

I used a crossbow two whole times! I like crossbows! Tychus had one in TWERP, it was big and clunky and he mostly used it to apply poisons with his Eternal Tankard. Hellman, the fat asshole goblin from that cyberpunk RP also used a crossbow, but it was a concealable wrist-mounted crossbow with very tiny bolts. It had EMP bolts and paralytic venom bolts, so I guess "crossbow with poison" is a popular theme for me.

Divin' Dave and Busy Fresh both go into the "hammerspace nonsense" category. Dave's primary weapon was his turtle, and Busy was mostly a healer who flew around on a Nebuloid and planted trees with healing coins, as well as Pocket shenanigans. While we're on Dot Smash anyway, Fred the depressed robot didn't really have a weapon type anyway. He used his lasers, gyro, and arms. Yknow, ROB stuff.

Gillian Core, Akasha and Raimonde all use magic primarily. Gillian was a musical support caster (cause Gran Fortissimo) who used bongos for earth magic, mostly supportive stuff. Akasha was a tricky caster, using illusions and annoying status effects like blindness, as well as using her familiar Exodia to further confuse and bedazzle. She also had a thorn chakram (it's a Terraria reference!) that she used as a focus for her magic as well as a weapon, in a pinch. Raimonde is a more traditional blaster caster, he likes shooting lightning at people, especially when it's pretty lightning. So they're all pretty different flavours of magic. Elend is a Pokémon trainer but she's pretty magic-coded too since all her "Pokémon" are dark mages. She's also kinda blasty but she's got some spins on it due to having 3 different minions.

Infinite Skies also had Lu whose fighting style was pretty unique. Captain America + Total Defense Shogun with some wacky dual turtle shield kung fu. There were a bunch of other ninja tribes as well, most of which didn't really appear, but they all had signature weapons. There were grasshoppers with kama, frogs with shuriken (haha, Pokémon) and the tiger clan, where Lu was originally from, who just had metal Wolverine claws.

What else was I in? In NEMESES I had Nevermore, who had a magic scythe that was some kind of ancient goddess relic. It's kind of weird for a cat burglar to have a giant scythe in hindsight, but I wanted him to look intimidating I guess. Its gimmick was that it could temporarily copy the power or ability of others, because I wanted to make a character like Rubick from Dota I guess.

The one time I went with vanilla weapons, I went all-in on them. In Blades of Tomorrow, I played The Horse Guy (sorry Davis). Ellis had access to Tyrfing, Javelin, and Hammer. Yeah, that's the whole weapon triangle!

Uhh in The Underground I used a spraycan that set up boobytraps, basically Explosive Runes?

Uhhhhh in Murky Row I had a fishing pole that could freeze things around its bobber?

Uhhhhhhhhh one of the primary NPC's in Cera DnD used a whip like he was dwarf Indiana Jones?

Finally there's a million Pokémon/Digimon characters that don't really use anything and I can't be bothered remembering them anyway. Mummymon has a gun!
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